Understanding Your Bill

Kindly note that there is signage on display in the Emergency Department informing and reminding patients, medical aid members, and family members that ER Consulting Inc. is an independent doctor’s practice and will, therefore, bill patients directly for all ER Consulting Inc. doctor services rendered. ER Consulting Inc. billing is presented separately to any hospital admission, hospital emergency unit facility fees, nursing fees, or medical specialist / allied healthcare provider services utilised.

ER Consulting Inc. charges standard emergency medicine practice tariffs for patient consultations and treatments, as endorsed by all regulatory bodies/funders in South Africa.


  • Medical Aid Claims will be submitted by ER Consulting Inc. but remain the responsibility of the patient or guarantor until settled in full.
  • Medical Aid scheme members are liable for directly settling “no-payment/shortfall payments not covered” by their nominated and contracted medical aid scheme for any/all appropriate and legitimate services rendered by healthcare providers.


    Patients who present to the emergency unit (like Sandton Mediclinic), who do not have or cannot produce a valid Medical Aid Card and identification will be required to settle their account at the time of consultation. The patient or guarantor is personally responsible for the fees charged.

    Emergency Unit Doctor consultations are a requirement for, including but not limited to:

    1. A diagnosis to be reached and a treatment plan to be initiated.
    2. Any special investigations to be requested, including but not limited to; Radiology, Pathology, and other diagnostic support services.
    3. Referrals to medical specialist doctors, admissions into hospital, and/or referrals to alternate medical facilities for further care, as determined on a case-by-case basis.

      ER Consulting Inc. Emergency Unit Doctor consultations are:

      1. Continually monitored and quality assured both internally and externally to ensure that current clinical best practices are undertaken and maintained within the emergency centre environment.
      2. Not coded, billed, or charged according to any “time-based” fee schedules or calculations. ER Consulting Inc. codes and bills for services rendered according to recognised emergency medicine practice tariff structures for patient consultations and treatments. These fees are charged at the same rates for after-hours services rendered, i.e., nights, weekend, and public holiday consults, as it does for consults during normal working/office hours, and so patients are therefore not subjected to any additional after-hours levies or surcharges for ER Consulting Inc.’s doctor services.