ER Consulting Inc is the largest independent emergency medicine management company in South Africa and currently operates emergency units in all of the major hospital groups in South Africa. ER Consulting Inc, with its partner companies, First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd and the Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine (Pty) Ltd, currently offer turnkey emergency unit management to private hospitals in South Africa and Africa.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field, ER Consulting Inc has evolved into the preferred place for doctors to work and for hospital groups to contract with. This statement is not to be taken lightly and is born out of the fact that our doctor profile and depth, administrative infrastructure (FCS (Pty) Ltd), and training platform (AIEM (Pty) Ltd) are unsurpassed.

Emergency Units are challenging places to manage and operate. In a country like South Africa, where there are numerous pressures both internally and externally on emergency units and the doctors, a hospital should consider experience as a significant differentiator in the marketplace. Experience in implementation and rollout, expertise in risk mitigation and medico-legal matters, experience in scheduling, administration and training are only gained through years of working in the industry.

ER Consulting Inc doctors are amongst the best trained, most vetted and credentialed in the industry. Together with our specialist emergency medicine management team (and our soon to be launched Specialist Governance Inc), ER Consulting Inc can offer every conceivable emergency medicine service to your hospital.

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    ER Consulting Inc. provides an outsourced doctor model to operate emergency medicine units in hospitals around South Africa. Various financial models and operating systems are available depending on the requirements of the hospital. ER Consulting Inc. currently manages 25 emergency ...

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