Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record

ER Consulting Inc. undertook an ambitious project to implement an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system tailored for deployment in the emergency units managed by our practice. The primary goal was to digitally transform our operations and effectively manage the substantial volume of healthcare data generated within our practice. This initiative has realized our vision of leveraging actionable data sets to enhance practice management and elevate patient outcomes through the CareFirst Platform.

Achieving the deployment of the EMR in our emergency units involved designing streamlined process flows, drawing upon the expertise of senior doctors, the capabilities of our administrators and marketers, and the technical proficiency of our developers. This collaborative effort has successfully delivered a South African EMR seamlessly integrated with our telemedicine platform, select partner hospitals, laboratories, our practice management application, and billing and switching functionalities.

With the EMR now fully deployed in all the 25 ER Consulting Inc managed emergency units, we are the first practice to deliver real time views and metrics of the emergency unit to our partner hospitals. The data gathered from the EMR is seamlessly integrated with our training data, financial data, scheduling and human resource data to provide a near live view of the emergency unit workings through the CareFirst Platform, providing nearly instantaneous insights into emergency unit activities.

Moving forward, additional metrics from the EMR will be incorporated into CareFirst Platform dashboards to enrich information availability, ultimately automating real-time reporting to management.

The EMR is a web based software that is enabled through our own Wi-Fi infrastructure at each hospital. The EMR is compliant with all security and confidentiality requirements in South African law and is securely retained on our servers that are protected by active security protocols.

The EMR is currently only available in ER Consulting Inc managed emergency units, however consideration is being given to licensing this product to other emergency practices in the future.

For more information about the Electronic Medical Record, please contact Myron Pillay.