EffortlessER For Doctors

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In an urgent or emergency medical situation, wasted time could mean the difference between life and death. EffortlessER is a system that removes paperwork and reduces waiting time from the system.

Doctors and medical practices will benefit from EffortlessER in many ways too:

  • More patients due to an effortless entry process.
  • Efficient electronic medical record with numerous business intelligence reports and stats.
  • Happier patients due to less waiting and form-filling.
  • Happier patients mean fewer complaints and less administration.
  • Easier follow up due to access to electronic records.
  • A dashboard will show you the following.
  • Feedback from patients.
  • Waiting time stats.
  • Triage colours.

This system will allow you to manage peak times more efficiently and staff more effectively, as well as allow you to see more patients and save you money.

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