Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine (Pty) Ltd

AIEM (AIEM LogoAfrica Institute of Emergency Medicine)

The Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine (AIEM) was created to fulfil a need in the emergency healthcare sector to provide emergency medicine products and services to the industry. This niche was identified as a result of multiple requests from clients across the African continent to provide a wide array of clinical, academic and training services as well a variety of products pertaining to emergency medicine projects.

With the evolution of emergency medicine as a specialty in South Africa (started 2004), and gradually through other countries on the continent, more and more clients need these products and services.

AIEM (Pty) Ltd has therefore, supported by First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd and its partner medical companies (ER Consulting Inc, ER Specialist Governance Inc and SH Inc Healthcare Clinics), developed the following products and services that can be deployed locally or across the continent in both the private and public sectors.

1. Medical Training
2. Event Medical Management
3. Medical Clinics
4. Medical Consulting Services (in conjunction with our partners)
5. Emergency Medicine Academia

The Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine is tasked with establishing a consolidated forum for dialogue and exchange on all aspects of emergency medicine across the continent.

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