The emergency department can be a scary place to visit. ER Consulting Inc understands this and would like to reassure you that we are all (nurses, administrators and doctors) are here to help you at your time of crisis. ER Consulting is a large doctors practice that operates nationally in South Africa to provide emergency care to patients. All the doctors that work in ER Consulting are fully trained doctors who have undergone additional training in emergency care provision. ER Consulting doctors are supported by our sister company, First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd who provide our administrative structures and training platform.

Understanding an emergency department is critical in reducing your stress in an emergency situation. In South Africa, emergency departments are outsourced by hospitals to a private group of doctors who are required to provide an emergency service according to certain governance rules and service levels. ER Consulting is the largest such group of doctors in South Africa and operates services in 23 emergency department locations currently.

ER Consulting, together with First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd, has experience dating back to 1998 and has developed systems and processes to deliver a world class service. Emergency Medicine is a complicated area of medicine to deliver in that it operates 24/7/365 and requires specially trained doctors and nurses. As a result, emergency departments are expensive places to visit. In addition, all other specialists (including X-ray and Laboratories) are called in to back up the emergency department doctors, all of which come at an additional cost.

In our knowledge centre, we explain some of the more complex operations of an emergency department. In short, however, the following are important things to know when attending:

  • Patients attending an emergency department are seen in order of how sick they are, not in the order they necessarily arrive in. This process is called triage and ensures that the sickest patients are seen first.
  • Doctors work in shifts in emergency medicine, meaning the same doctor will not always be on duty if you return the next day or even later the same day. Please bring your clinical record with you for ease of reference should you return.
  • Please bring identification (or a friend who knows you) to the emergency department.
  • Please bring your medical aid card if you have one.
  • Remember that emergency department visits are paid for by your medical aid out of your medical savings account unless your condition is defined as a “prescribed minimum benefit”
  • You will receive a copy of your clinical record after your visit which should be retained in case you need to show your doctor or need to remember what you were told. ER Consulting is currently moving to an electronic service which will improve this process, called EffortlessER. You will receive an invitation to the EffortlessER app as soon as it is deployed in the emergency units.

If you are ever unsure or need advice, please call the emergency department and speak to one of the nurses or doctors. If you are concerned that you are not getting better then return to the emergency unit immediately and get help.

If you need more information about emergency preparedness or training, please contact our training partner company, the Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine (Pty)Ltd who will assist and guide you.

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