Specialist Governance Inc

Specialist Governance inc LogoSpecialist Governance Inc is an emergency medicine specialist incorporation founded by emergency physicians to provide services in the healthcare marketplace. Emergency medicine, being a new discipline in specialist terms, is rapidly evolving. To keep pace with the evolution, the company has been created to service the specialist emergency medicine needs of the patient, hospital, funders and legal fraternity.

Owned and operated by emergency medicine specialists Specialist Governance Inc aims to deliver high-quality specialist emergency medicine services.

These services include:

  • Emergency Unit Management
  • Emergency Unit patient consultations
  • Emergency procedures in emergency units and into the hospital
  • Emergency admission management
  • Intensive Care Patient management (first 48 hours)
  • Clinical Governance Services
  • Medico-legal advisory services and expert opinions
  • Telehealth Services

Specialist Governance Inc is a niche emergency medicine company that offers specialised services to clients. If you have need of an emergency medicine specialist – we have a solution for you.

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