EffortlessER App

EffortlessER App

In an urgent or emergency medical situation, wasted time could mean the difference between life and death. EffortlessER is a system that removes paperwork and reduces waiting time from the system.

By registering onto the EffortlessER app, you will be able to:

  • Have a complete list of emergency numbers at your fingertips.
  • Locate and navigate to your closest ER Unit on your smartphone
  • View waiting times at emergency units to see where the waiting times are shortest
  • Never fill out forms at the ER Unit again, simply share your information at the reception with a QR scan on your phone
  • Pay conveniently from your phone if your visit is not covered by medical aid
  • Once you are done get your sick note and script electronically
  • And even better, get an electronic record of your treatment on your phone to share with your family doctor or specialist
  • Now you can store all your electronic records in one place and share them with whichever health care practitioner you choose
  • You can give feedback on your care directly from your smartphone, AND you can now also schedule a telemedicine video call with the ER Unit doctor if you are not feeling better
  • You can also receive follow-up reminders

As EffortlessER is now integrated with MyGrandCentral, you can share in all the benefits of both services, all in one place.

EffortlessER for doctors

Doctors and medical practices will benefit from EffortlessER in many ways too:

  • More patients due to an effortless entry process
  • Efficient electronic medical record with numerous business intelligence reports and stats
  • Happier patients due to less waiting and form-filling
  • Happier patients mean fewer complaints and less administration
  • Easier follow up due to access to electronic records
  • A dashboard will show you the following
  • Feedback from patients
  • Waiting time stats
  • Triage colours

This system will allow you to manage peak times more efficiently and staff more effectively, as well as allow you to see more patients and save you money.

EffortlessER for hospital groups

Imagine you could track your emergency unit in real-time on a dashboard to see the following:

  • Patient volumes
  • Triage mix
  • Waiting times
  • Patient feedback

EffortlessER means the hospital can monitor its emergency unit in real-time 24/7, 365 days a year – management reporting made easy!

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